Our experience for your health

The center for ambulant diagnostics and surgery (ZADC) is a partnership of four specialists in surgery and two specialists for anaesthesia. It is a government approved private hospital.

The clinic with its associated doctors was opened at the 4th of january 1993 and offers the possibilty to perform out-patient operations under optimal, quality-proven conditions and most modern anaesthesiological techniques. Since 2004 there is a ward attached to provide short term stay after operations. In addition, the clinic with the entire staff and infrastructure will make the operation and the stay of the patients so safe and pleasant as ever possible.

The ZADC is supplied with more than 5 modern equipped operating theatres as well as 20 recovery room-beds. Over 5.000 operations are performed here per year. Altogether the different departments in the clinic have 50 well educated and continuously trained co-workers for the need of the patients.

The ZADC favors highest and proven quality. The clinic has introduced a mandatory and transparent quality-management-system and is certified according DIN ISO 9001:2000 successfully. The clinic is admitted to all health insurance companies, to all work- and school-accidents – and to private health insurances. There is a solid cooperation with the regional-group of church hospitals (RkK).